The ProjectCare organization has been founded to assist Christian organizations and missions in improving their overall effectiveness (for free)

The goals of ProjectCare:

Practical (Applied) Research
ProjectCare is equipped to perform a wide variety of supporting research, including surveys, statistical analyses, and both desk-level and in-field fact-finding research. Working with your mission leadership, these capabilities can be applied to furnishing any general or specific needed information. The use of systematic research by missions in planning is too often ignored. Numerous case histories confirm that the use of a priori timely, careful, and systematic research would have prevented significant frustration and loss of time and money in carry out valuable projects.

Upgrade projects, making them interested for sponsors
All missions are interested in getting money for their projects. Presenting project proposals to a sponsor creates often many frustrations. The main reason is often that the project does not have the quality that the sponsor likes. The structure of the project is not solid enough. To improve the quality of a project proposal there is a big need for good research and asking a lot of questions.
Here you see a scheme how this process is working.


Preparation Project

Desk Research
Study Nehemia 1
Download Research in Nehemia
Field Research
Many Questions
Visit Location
Many meetings
Meeting Organizations & People
Details, details …
Study Nehemia 2
Download Research in Nehemia


Project Plan
High Quality
Everybody knows what is expected
Split big projects into small projects
Project Proposal

Conform qualifications sponsor

Process evaluation during the whole process
Effect evaluation; compare & analyse Baseline and Results