There exist numerous support organizations whose function is to provide assistance to mission workers in the field. However, in such areas as strategy definition, specific project planning, initial implementation, follow-up monitoring, and overall objective evaluation, support resources are much less readily available.The initiation of an effective project requires systematic research, both in the target field and at the academic (desk) level. Furthermore, additional research and objective monitoring are equally important throughout the project’s life cycle. It is this type of research and support function that forms the cornerstone of the ProjectCare organization, which provides the research, planning, and evaluation services that are necessary for improving the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of Christian mission work in today’s world.
Our work is done on an non-denominational basis in order to enhance the effectiveness of mission outreach throughout the entire Body of Christ.
Since ProjectCare personnel work on a volunteer basis, the only cost to an organization requesting our assistance is limited to payment of any other direct, project-related costs. Direct project-related costs would include, for example, any travel necessary for the ProjectCare personnel, any materials needed to carry out their tasks, any insurance costs that might be required to cover their activities during the project, and so on. If the project is large or otherwise complicated, overall ProjectCare costs can be negotiated as appropriate to accommodate special circumstances.