Recommendations from clients:

I have been carrying out mission-related research for many years. I value my recent partnership with Dick Slikker, extending the amount of projects I can complete and enhancing the quality of the work accomplished. Dick offers a combination of excellent technical research skills with a sense for what is important in mission in general and specifically for the organizations he is serving.
David Greenlee, PhD
International Research Associate, Operation Mobilisation


Serving as a leader in a Christian ministry? Filled with good ideas? But you do not have enough staff that can set up projects thoroughly? Then ProjectCare is your answer. At least, that is our experience in Healthcare Christian Fellowship International. Dick Slikker is an experienced project manager who respects our organizational culture and who is able to fully involve our national partners in the whole process of developing a project from scratch. On top of that, he is able to gather strategic information that is very helpful for our global planning processes.
Chris Steyn, Director HCF International


Dick Slikker’s vast experience in the world of missions, his technical prowess, his knowledge of leadership processes, and his unflinching eye to see greater efficiencies and strategic gains, has been invaluable to my work as head of international strategy in my organization.
Dr. Ronald Boyd-MacMillan
Chief Strategy Officer, Open Doors International.


Dick Slikker has proven to be a servant of God, serving people in our team with his vast experience in launching and managing projects in different countries and cultures. We especially appreciate his supportive and encouraging attitude, whilst asking the right questions to help avoid too many disappointments. We wholeheartedly recommend him.
Rev. Gilbert Lammerts van Bueren
General Director Near East Ministry


We as Mission-Net are thoroughly grateful to Dick Slikker for enabling us to do several surveys at the end of our Mission-Net congress 2011/12. It did not only need to be done in several languages but also in reaching various target groups of the congress. Not only was Dick´s help and thoroughness here very appreciated, but also his skills in pulling our fragmented questions and wishes together, putting flesh to our bones, in getting a substantial solid survey running. Because of its easiness, people as a result responded highly to it. We can only recommend the work of Dick.
Evi Rodeman, Mission-Net director


Dick Slikker has helped us greatly with different sorts of analysis, using the piles of data we have available on persecution of Christians in many countries of the world. He helped us to better explore our data, and also to prepare new tools for our research.
Frans Veerman, director of the Word Watch Research Unit of open Doors International