Dick Slikker, MSc
The Netherlands

Tel: 31 341 413360
Mobile: 06 28 42 72 35

E-mail: dick.slikker@solcon.nl

Web: www.ProjectCareMC.org

Skype: ProjectCareMC


His secular profession is master in public health epidemiology, statistics, computer programming .
Has worked in several secular jobs and missions (e.g. Open Doors, director former Soviet Union, director research)

In mission work he has experiences in:
Projects: literature, distribution, internet (multi media), medical projects, training, etc.
Tasks: research (desk and field), project management, leadership, pioneering, etc.
Characterized by:  analytical, goal-oriented, creative, pragmatic approach, well experienced in high security operations.
Cooperation: with many missions, also many consultations
Experience in: SPSS

Travel and project experiences in past all East Europe countries and former Soviet Union including Central Asia. Lately traveled for projects in many Middle East countries.