Food, medical and rehabilitation project Pakistan
A project for food, medical help and rehabilitation in Pakistan. Writing proposal.


Deaf Culturale Centre
A project for deaf people and to create employment in Amman. Research, making proposal


Disabled people and employment
A project for disabled people and to create employment in Westbank. Research, making proposal


Evaluation primary health care project
Evaluation of a primary health care project in Sudan


Audit mission research department
Audit of a mission research department


Concept security manual for missions working in risky countries. How to set up secure mail, access to buildings and materials, communication, travel, etc.


Strategy countries
Stategy for health care projects in 10 countries.


Analyses survey
Analyses health survey in Sudan. advice, spss analyses.


Training for fieldworkers in Dubai


Children Internetsite
Christian Children Internet website for Turkey. Research, writing sponsor proposal, advices. etc.


India Health Center
Total Person Health Care Center in India. Research, setting up the project, project Proposal, contacting Sponsors, setting up plan for chain of these centers.